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Self-employed at home for most of her adult life, Barbara Brabec continues to move in new directions as an author and independent publisher, speaker, and author's consultant. This ad-free site reflects her professional and personal interests, philosophy, and beliefs.

If you're looking for new perspective on dealing with various life and business-related issues as well as information you can trust from an acclaimed writer experienced in every topic she writes about . . . you've come to the right place.

 “If your blood pressure readings have been rising lately, maybe you don't need medication. Maybe you just need to stop doing that particular thing you wish you didn't have to do any more. It's not easy to make a major change in your personal or business life, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and do it.” – Barbara (See related article below.)

Hello, and Welcome!

After 21 years on my former domain, I’m so happy to finally be on this new site where I hope to be writing and helping others for years to come.

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Aside from an occasional mention of one of my books or services, you won’t find a single advertisement anywhere on the site. (Nothing aggravates me more than well written and informative articles with so many ads and pop-ups between paragraphs that I can't enjoy the reading.) 

Check out this month's featured articles below and, for a look at all the content now on the site, visit the ARTICLES Table of Contents page. Here you’ll be linked to life-related articles, reports, and PDF documents in 14 topic categories.

While this is a mobile-friendly site with easy navigation, note that its content is best viewed on a tablet, laptop, or computer—particularly some of the PDF documents, whose content formerly occupied several web pages. Feel free to share these documents with others as email attachments.

Featured Articles

New! Chicago’s Great “Killer Snowstorm” of 1967. This story of the worst snowstorm in Chicago’s history tells how it shut down the whole city on January 26–27, affecting everyone in the area, particularly the Chicago Symphony Orchestra musicians. As Barbara writes in her Drummer Drives memoir, “In spite of the circumstances, there was a unique feeling of jollity in the air because this was a once‑in‑a‑lifetime experience for most everyone, and something that put all of us in the same sled, so to speak.”

I Already Did That! A New Year’s resolution that changed Barbara’s Life. Now is a good time to think about eliminating things that are causing you stress because you’ve been-there-done-that and don’t want to do them any more.

NEW! The Brain Connection between Writing and Remembering—Write it Down to Remember it! How a message from Dr. David Jeremiah, Turning Point Ministries, put Barbara on a new path of discovery in how to train her mind to remember things she could never remember before. 

• How to Be a Fearless Dreamer and Reinvent Yourself at Any Age. Barbara shares inspirational thoughts and research about the importance of dreaming and changing your life or work if it's not all you want it to be; and the importance of lifelong study on how to get where you want to go.

NEW! A Dog and Cat Love Story: Rex and Tinker. This endearing story of canine love for a feline friend tells how the Schaumburg family dog, Rex, grieved for his lost feline companion, Tinker.

Enjoy the Site! And thanks for anything you can do to help me be found by those who need what I have to offer.  After so many years on the internet I’m essentially starting all over again where the search engines are concerned, given that I had to use a variation of my original domain name for this site. As I write this, Google is still showing my old domain and not recognizing this site in connection with a search for my name, even though the old domain was removed from the internet weeks ago. (Thankfully, that domain name now forwards to this web page.)

I would be grateful for any publicity you could give me now with a link from your site or Facebook page to mine, or to a specific article you like; or perhaps a mention somewhere of my special services for writers and self-publishers. (Give me a reason to thank you with a link back to you and I’ll be happy to do that.)

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Remembering Harry
1927 – 2005

Barbara and Harry Brabec in 2001

Barbara and Harry Brabec —partners in both life and business for nearly 44 years. Barbara's memoir of their unusual and adventurous musical life together is documented in The Drummer Drives! Everybody Else Rides.

Remembering Harry Brabec. Barbara's tribute documenting Harry's unusual and amazing professional life, with historical music information and colorful stories and photos.

A Widow’s Thoughts and Advice. A PDF collection of Barbara's series of articles for widows and other grieving hearts.

My Favorite "Harryisms"

“The world is round, but I am square.”

“He was always difficult, but he never was a bore.”

“I have a weight problem. When it comes to eating, I can hardly wait.”

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