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Self-employed at home for most of her adult life, Barbara Brabec continues to move in new directions as an author, independent publisher, and author's consultant. This ad-free site reflects her professional and personal interests, philosophy, and Christian beliefs.

Looking for new perspective on dealing with various life and business-related issues? Want information you can trust from an acclaimed writer experienced in every topic she writes about? Then you've come to the right place.

You are what you read; what you choose to fill your mind with has a great impact on who you are as a person. As Oscar Wilde put it, “It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you’ll be when you can’t help it.”

“Our mind is like a computer in that it accepts all the information we and others pour into it, good and bad alike. If we don’t like what we’re getting back, we simply have to change the programming.” – Barbara

Hello, and Welcome!

After 21 years on my former home-business domain, I opened this new site in late 2021 so I could continue to encourage and help others through my writing and professional services for years to come.

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For an overview of articles in 14 life-related topic categories, visit the ARTICLES Table of Contents page. Here you’ll be linked to my newest content and dozens of my most popular and timeless articles, reports, and PDF documents, all updated for today’s times.

Featured Articles

 A Perfect Formula for Getting Anything Done. Applicable to business owners and writers alike, this idea from a leading business consultant gave Barbara the motivational push she needed when she knew she had to change directions as a writer to retain her enthusiasm for her work.

Tired of Being Fat? How to Finally Lose that Unwanted Weight [PDF]. The life-changing weight-loss secrets Barbara learned after eight months’ experience on Weight Watchers may be just the push you need to finally get serious about starting a diet and sticking with it. After that, she went on to create her own weight loss plan and lost 50 pounds.

A Carson and Barnes Circus Memory. Barbara recalls one of the most memorable circus performances she ever saw. (With an update on today’s new circuses without animals.)

What Time Is It on Your Cell Phone? A Little Levity for Time-Challenged Home-Business Owners 

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Barbara's Office Environment

See the Bengal tiger wall of cross-stitch embroideries that took thousands of hours to stitch over several years.

Remembering Harry
1927 – 2005

Barbara and Harry Brabec in 2001

Barbara and Harry Brabec —partners in both life and business for nearly 44 years. Barbara's memoir of their unusual and adventurous musical life together is documented in The Drummer Drives! Everybody Else Rides.

Remembering Harry Brabec. Barbara's tribute documenting Harry's unusual and amazing professional life, with historical music information and colorful stories and photos.

A Widow’s Thoughts and Advice. A PDF collection of Barbara's series of articles for widows and other grieving hearts.

My Favorite "Harryisms"

“The world is round, but I am square.”

“He was always difficult, but he never was a bore.”

“I have a weight problem. When it comes to eating, I can hardly wait.”

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