COVID Hasn’t Ended— Help Yourself by Staying Informed

COVID Hasn’t Ended—
Help Yourself by Staying Informed

* COVID-19 Quick Reference Guide
* New COVID-19 Variants and Strains
* A Study of Five Bad Colds

Some say COVID has ended, but don’t count on it. “A second pandemic could be around the corner and the world is unprepared,” confirms the Red Cross. (Do some research on “Disease X” to learn about the new hypothetical pandemic and vaccines being planned.)

“COVID is still around, but we are no longer in the middle of a global panic. There are still plenty of viruses lurking around, however, and I am fully expecting the next big pandemic to appear sooner rather than later. I am confident that if an accommodating health crisis doesn’t come along in the near future, the world’s leadership won’t hesitate to create one of their own.” – Comment from Amir Tsarfati in his book, Has the Tribulation Begun?

Because I have friends who are now suffering from long COVID or health issues caused by vaccine damage, I want to share my research with you. Below, I’m linking you to a remarkable step-by-step PDF guide from that, to quote the organization, “will help you better understand COVID-19, find useful resources, make decisions about COVID prevention and treatment in a timely manner, and do everything you can, despite politically imposed barriers, to protect yourself, your family members, and the lives of those you love before, during, and after a COVID-19 infection.”

“Immediate Steps to Reduce Your Risk
of COVID-19 and ‘Long COVID’ Disease”

I was amazed by the Guide’s well-documented facts and recommendations (62 links) that we will never hear from the government or vaccine makers. My key takeaways:

  The importance of Vitamin D: “96% of COVID ICU patients are deficient in Vitamin D,” says Deborah Chisholm, MD. “It’s very difficult to die from COVID if your vitamin D level is over 50,” adds Dr. Urso, MD.

 “Early treatment is essential,” says Dr. DeMello, MD. “The world needs to know… this is a clotting disease. This is a vascular disease. This is not an interstitial lung disease … If you fix the clotting right up front or sometime in between, everything else will work.”

 Readers will learn how to create a “DIY Early Treatment Kit” and what to include in a “COVID Hospitalization Wishes” document in case you need hospitalization (more specific than a Living Will).

 See page 23 of the guide for “Treatment for Long COVID,” which explains this condition and how Dr. DeMello treats his patients).

If COVID was a life-defining moment for you, or you now have long COVID or medical problems from being vaccinated, I urge you to download the PDF Quick Reference Guide and share it with others. Also check:

The Link Between Long COVID
and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Long COVID/Long VAX Case Reviews

Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCA)

New COVID-19 Variants and Strains

All COVID variants that have become dominant in the US are descendants of omicron, which began to spread in November 2021. Last year, two dominant strains—HV.1 and HC.1—accounted for the majority of cases nationwide, but new strains are now cropping up nearly every week according to the article, “April 10 COVID-19 Variant Update.” It lists 35 strains in recent weeks and discusses the growing prevalence in the US of the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant JN.1 as of April 24. One subvariant, JN.1.13 is increasing and is projected to account for nearly 10% of new COVID-19 illnesses.

I find the speed at which COVID continues to mutate mind-blowing! It’s now clear that we’re going to be living with this disease until we die, and deciding if and when to get yet another vaccination is a major decision. (In my January 22 TIDBITS bulletin I discussed an organization that is documenting reactions to COVID vaccinations. It is run by an ever-growing group of Americans who were previously healthy but have been seriously injured by the COVID vaccines.)

If you want to pursue this topic, this article by infectious disease expert Dr. Leyla Best explains why viruses evolve so quickly, the difference between mutations, variants, and strains, and more.

A Study of Five Bad Colds

In writing this Bulletin, I remembered discussing in my January 26, 2022 Bulletin the bad cold I caught on Christmas and wondered, “Is it a cold or Omicron in disguise?” I’ve kept track of my colds since 2012, and all those after COVID started came with lung congestion and a lingering dry cough I’d never had before 2020. (I got the first COVID shot in March 2021 and now wonder if later vaccinations and booster shots changed the kind of colds people began to get after that.) 

I caught another cold on Christmas Eve 2022, one in July 2023, and two miserable back-to-back colds in February and March this year. All five of these colds started with my usual cold symptoms (sore throat, sneezing, runny nose) and my voice dropping an octave. Then came a kind of lung congestion I never had before the pandemic. In my last cold, I coughed up mucus for a week. To hear me at my worst, one might have thought I had TB.

I didn’t think to do a COVID test because I had no fever, chills, headaches, muscle aches, loss of appetite, or fatigue. My energy remained high, and I worked around the house and in my office each day as usual, except for a lot of blowing and coughing. My cold symptoms were gone in two weeks, but the dry cough persisted for more than a week afterward. Keeping my throat moist with cough drops helped.

Colds always start with a virus, but my internist told me that today’s cold virus is different from the one we used to have. Many adults in my church have had similar colds with a lingering dry cough. They stay home when they’re ill and they keep their kids at home, too. But my doctor insists I’m getting my colds from the kids at church, or their parents, because “they are great carriers even if they have no symptoms themselves. If you get another cold, just suffer through it because it will go away in a couple of weeks or so. If you need an RX cough syrup, message me.”

First published as a Brabec Bulletin on May 6, 2024.

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